Being your partner, we help you develop iOS application which elevates your company
to bigger, faster and farther reaching levels.

Our offerings

  • iPhone App Development
  • Business & Sales Application
  • iPhone Games Development
  • iPhone Widget Development
  • Theme, Mock, Icon, Designing
  • iPhone Web Service Integration
  • iPhone Mobile Website Development
  • iPhone Social Networking
  • iPhone m-commerce solution
  • Travelling, Navigation, and Weather forecasting Apps

Often people mistake seeing mobile apps as mini-software running on handheld with lot of constraints. While we see it as platform with infinite possibilities and modern way how thing can be. We take pride in having team of experienced and passionate developers, who lives with mobility in DNA. Each app we develop we see it as part of big picture, and an innovative tool which can transform our customers’ business with lot of value addition.

Our approach

  • Work closely with the client from concept stage till the final implement
  • Provide guidance in Application development Account Set Up and Approval process
  • Are experienced in diversified range of application such as media streaming, games, business, entertainment etc.

We take pride in having product engineering expertise with Android since ver. 1.0.
With these skills we can shape Android platform for your requirements.
Connect with us to be successful.

Application Development Service :

The great built-in features of the Android SDK provides immense flexibility and opportunity to develop diverse smart mobile applications, providing the opportunity to cash in for not only technology companies but also individual entrepreneurs from various industries and aspects, be it pharmaceuticals, sales force automation, entertainment, games, location based services of or any sort of utility applications. The opportunity and possibilities are endless with Android custom application development.

We have expertise in development of applications in following areas using Android:

  • Multimedia applications
  • Mobile financial applications
  • Social networking apps
  • GPS Navigation and Travel Guides
  • Location-aware applications
  • Field work automation solutions
  • M-Commerce & M-Banking
  • Entertainment apps and games
  • Cross-Platform Development
  • Utilities

Kahuna provides product engineering as well as applications development services on Android platform.

Product Engineering :

We have strong experience in designing and developing products and applications based on Android, our offerings includes:

  • Complete solution for your product development requirement
  • Design customized device from reference platform 
suitable for Android
  • Android Porting on custom platform
  • Speed up transition to Android on a portable, 
handheld and entertainment device platforms
  • Huge experience on Agile Development, cuts down time 
to market
  • Partnership with TI, Intel, Freescale for various design,
 development and integration services

With 12+ years of experience in Windows mobile platforms, we make sure your investments
in application strategy brings you the best results

With launch of Windows 8, Microsoft brought rich ecosystem of applications to handhelds. This transformation also brought lot of challenges to developers.
Since the launch of first Windows Mobile OS, developers kept developing applications for desktop like environment, which virtually did not face any challenges.
With the new platform, developers need to re-visualize and re-strategize how content should be shaped and delivered.
With excellent diversification and in-depth experience how it can be achieved.
We also take advantage of responsive web technologies like HTML 5 to build modern windows apps, as the platform is having HTML 5 as integral part of OS.

What we offer in Windows Mobility:

  • Sharepoint powered applications
  • Business Analytics Engine based applications
  • Social Networking Integration
  • Data Security and Management Engines
  • Porting and migration of legacy applications

We were the first company who ported Mobile Java Framework (J2ME)
on Windows and Linux based embedded platforms.
We make sure re-usability of solutions helps you bring cost effective Mobile Java Apps.

Our offerings

  • Customized Blackberry applications development
  • Tailor-made business applications for Blackberry
  • Blackberry Internet/intranet-based applications development
  • Blackberry advertisement applications development
  • Developing Blackberry client-server apps
  • Development of marketing applications for Blackberry
  • Development of marketing applications for Blackberry
  • Blackberry entertainment apps development
  • J2ME Games and Communication apps development
J2ME was the first platform, which spun off idea of ‘Apps’ on handheld devices. Even with tremendous growth of iOS and Android platforms J2ME still holds its place with ‘one-app many-platforms’. Moreover platforms like, Blackberry’s relation with corporate world has become more of a business identity. We provide development services to further facilitate this relation using our more then decade experience in J2ME.

Responsive web design and content management system helps enterprises publish content
without worrying about look and feel customization

We believe that standard content management system based websites does not deliver optimized output for mobile devices. Based on our decade old experience, we have designed and developed the content management system for mobile devices-Vega Live.
Vega Live is designed based on open source framework, and helps designer to build and deploy themes with lot of ease.
Vega Live supports content aggregation from various sources and also supports widget framework.
These features creates path for very dynamic hybrid (native and HTML5 enabled) application.

What we do:

  • Smartphone applications development with HTML 5
  • HTML 5 application porting
  • Software testing and QA services
  • HTML5 Game Development
  • HTML5 Mobile Development
  • HTML5 Web Development


  • Dynamic content delivery
  • Smart data collection forms for developers
  • Enhanced Accessibility
  • Embedding multimedia
  • Unified backend for multiple platforms
  • Lower development cost